U.S. Cultural Shift – Multiple Couple Cohabitation

Because having roommates is the best.

Because having roommates is the best.

A recent article in The Atlantic is written by a person who is married and shares a home with another couple. The two couples share financial responsibility for the home and plan to share domestic duties as well, to include rearing each others children.

Talk about an interesting, potentially major ethnographic shift in American culture. Traditional cultures, to include some American families, have nuclear families sharing living quarters with extended family members. However, those extended family networks are being left behind as more and more people to gravitate to cities. That can create isolation for couples when they do decide to have children.

This author has essentially remade a miniature version of that extended family, or “the village”, by forming a mini-co-ops with another couple. It’s a really interesting trend that we may see more of as housing prices rise, workers continue to battle a stagnant economy, traditional village mechanisms change (such as spirituality replacing organized religion and its associated church community) and traditional family structures change.


Kidding. Kinda…..

Who wouldn't want to live with the ENTIRE extended family?!

Given the choice though, I’d still go with the extended family. Just sayin’.



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