Work Life vs. Dating Life

It’s really, really hard being successful at both work and dating if you’re a woman.

Male-dominated workplaces demand competition, decisiveness, and emotional distance. The dating world demands femininity, passivity, and coyness. I often feel like I have split personalities trying to match cultural norms in both worlds. So I made a cartoon. Because that’s how adults deal with complicated life issues. 🙂

Modern dilemma


2 thoughts on “Work Life vs. Dating Life

  1. I can really relate to this. Expectations and double standards can be really annoying, in regards to work life and dating.

    • Right?! Thanks for the support. It drives me nuts when I can’t bring cookies to the office because that makes me look weak, but then guys lose interest when they find out I’m rocking a couple Masters degrees. Grrr! I want to make my cookies, date cute guys, and kick ass in the workplace. *sigh*

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