Awesome Sex Facts from a Harvard Psychologist


Sex facts! Hooray!

Want a Harvard scientist to answer your burning sex questions?! Go check out Dr. Justin Lehmiller’s blog, “The Psychology of Human Sexuality“. Dr. Lehmiller is a sex educator and researcher in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University. He’s also this sexy scientist’s newest sapiosexual crush.

To give you a taste of his brilliance, here are his eight favorite sex facts, from his Valentine’s Day Sex Question Friday post (Yes! You can ask him questions!) I added the photos. He’s too professional to ever do that, but…..I’m not.

1. The most orgasms ever documented in an hour for a woman is a mind-boggling 134! For men, the record is *just* 16 [1].

Dancing on the Beach, Bournemouth, 1925

Breakfast tacos! (Get it? Get it? It was the best I could do)

2. Nocturnal orgasms aren’t just for men—women can have them too! In fact, in Alfred Kinsey’s groundbreaking research on female sexuality, he found that 37% of women reported having at least one nocturnal orgasm by age 45. You can read more about research on female nocturnal orgasms here.

3. “Morning wood” isn’t just for men either—women often wake up with the clitoral equivalent of morning wood [2]! People naturally experience 4-5 penile or clitoral erections per night as they cycle in and out of REM sleep.

4. A recent study demonstrated that, on average, sex burns 101 calories for men and 69 (hee hee!) calories for women. Learn more about this research and how sex stacks up to other forms of exercise here.

smiling woman

Agatha always enjoyed a little nipple play.

5. Some women experience orgasms from nipple stimulation, and science tells us why: fMRI research has revealed that stimulation of the nipple activates the same region of the brain (the genital sensory cortex) as stimulation of the vagina, cervix, and clitoris. You can learn more about the “nipplegasm” here.

6. Men demonstrate enhanced functioning of their immune systems right after orgasm [3]. Could this ultimately improve their health? It would seem so. Research has also found that men who orgasm more frequently tend to live longer [4]!

7. The vibrator was originally invented as a treatment for women suffering from “hysteria,” a once common but bogus medical condition that doctors thought was caused by inadequate or insufficient sex. When vibrators first entered the market, demand was so strong that they became just the fifth electric device approved for home use after the sewing machine, fan, teakettle, and toaster! Read more about the “hysterical” history of the vibrator here.

Fat yoga

Who has a ruler?

8. The distance between a woman’s clitoris and her vaginal opening predicts her likelihood of having an orgasm during intercourse [5]. Here’s a handy rule of thumb: when the distance is less than the width of her thumb, a woman is more likely to reach orgasm without the need for added clitoral stimulation.

Bonus – Dr. Lehmiller’s post on the 10 Most Common Sex Questions.

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