Rich Women Have Better Sex

rich_womenWhat’s in your wallet has a direct impact on your sex life, according to a Spanish National Health Survey.

People with higher socioeconomic status appear to have better awareness of their own needs and a greater capacity for developing their sexuality in a way that is satisfying for them. They also have greater control over their lives, including the use of contraception and safe sex. Women with university educations were generally satisfied with their sexual lives, while only about 82% of those with less than a primary education agreed.

People with lower economic status claim to be less sexually satisfied (and experience more abuse). Women appear to be especially vulnerable to economic factors. For example, poorer women are less likely to have control of their lives, which extends to the use of contraceptives. They are more stressed and the lack of contraceptive use makes sex much riskier (and therefore less enjoyable) act. People who are stressed tend to produce higher amounts of the hormone Cortisol, and when it is produced in large amounts for an extended period, it can lower one’s libido.

The study also found a marked difference between men’s and women’s satisfaction after their first experience of sexual intercourse. Eighty-six percent of men were satisfied, compared to only 61 percent of women.


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