Our Addiction to Trust

meteorologistsTrust and attraction are fundamentally intertwined chemically in our brain. It literally feels good to trust someone. When exposed to oxytocin, the “love hormone”, we are quicker to trust someone. And when we trust someone, a part of the brain associated with pleasure lights up and the brain releases an oxytocin high. It’s a self reinforcing loop of positive brain chemicals. Trusting people are happy people.

Certain facial cues and behaviors will help engender trust from strangers. If you look trustworthy, people are more likely to collaborate with you, exchange information, share resources, and offer themselves as mates. TRUST = DATES.


Anne Hathaway is America’s sweetheart thanks to her big brown eyes. Yep, that’s it.

People with brown eyes are more likely to be trusted as they tend to also have narrow faces, bigger eyes, and broader mouths with upward-oriented lips. Another study found the most trustworthy looking have brown eyes, round faces, and eyebrows that are closer together (baby-like features). Basically, big brown eyes are the ticket. Those with blue eyes are rated as more attractive, so your chances at a Friday night date are still pretty equal.

Brown eyes are more trustworthy, thereby finally laying to rest the Team Edward/Team Jacob debate. You're welcome.

Brown eyes are more trustworthy, thereby finally laying to rest the Team Edward/Team Jacob debate. You’re welcome.

Regardless of the eye color, eye contact generates trust and attraction. A person will view another as more attractive if they make eye contact. Other trustworthy behaviors are demonstrating competency, encouraging and answering questions, being comforting and caring, and explaining. For women, they are especially likely to trust someone who refers them to a specialist when needed.

In couples, the happiness of both parties is closely tied with how they much they trust the partner. However, it’s a very specific kind of trust. The kind of trust most important to couples is the belief that your partner will do the right thing because they are intrinsically motivated to do the right thing. This is especially important to the women in the relationships.

Tread carefully. People are more likely to remember the faces of untrustworthy people than those that proved trustworthy.


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