Why Men Take Pictures of Their Penises

cat roulette

If only we were all this lucky on chatroulette….

Does anyone remember Chatroulette, aka, the penis parade? Guys exposing their junk on the site got so prevalent that in 2010, the service added image-recognition software that filtered out shots of male genitalia.

Penis pictures are increasingly part of the national discourse. Witness recent scandals with celebrities and elected officials such as Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger, being perhaps the most high profile one. The question is, why?

There are a lot of reasons.

Arousal clouds judgement. A man thinking “sexy time” isn’t in his most rational state of mind.

Penises turn men on. A study of 100 million people’s online searching history found that heterosexual men search for “penises” almost as often as they searched for “vaginas”. Penises may serve as a sperm competition cue, a hardwired signal that sex has happened/will happen and the man must now rise to the challenge.


This would probably be a lot less effective if the roles were reversed….

Men are turned on by specific parts of female anatomy – boobs, butts, and feet being the most popular search terms. Since men are turned on by pictures of certain wobbly bits, they think women will feel the same part about specifics part of a man. However, there isn’t much to choose from. The female body is highly sexualized and therefore almost any part of it can be photographed in a sexy way (hence the prevalence of duck face selfies). Men’s bodies are not nearly as sexualized. The only real part of a man’s body that is strongly associated with sex is the penis. So if a man wants to take a picture clearly signaling his sexual interest, it’s going to be of his penis.

And finally, men want to be judged, to be objectified and lusted after. So penis pictures are self satisfying. It turns men on to turn women on…even if that is in reality the exact opposite effect of the penis picture (even for porn stars). Though, to be fair, some women DO like penis pictures. Though they tend to only really like them if they like the guy attached to the penis and have an ongoing relationship with him. FYI.

When in doubt, default to science. Because this is a hilariously awesome way to justify penis pictures (Taken from a Glamour Poll):

“I think the only time I’ve ever actually taken a picture of my d*ck was from below it, so I could understand what my d*ck looks like from an bug’s point of view. Because I’m a scientist.”



2 thoughts on “Why Men Take Pictures of Their Penises

  1. A lot of what is written above will make more sense if you agree with what I am about to share. In the same way that the majority of women have negative body image, men in the main have a hang-up too: their penises. Almost all men are insecure about their equipment. They crave re-assurance about it. They take and send pictures hoping for compliments. We are simple creatures. Another truth is that 55% of men are exactly the same length i.e. 6 inches. 95% of guys are under 7 inches long. Nobody tells us this stuff.

  2. Great point! That was totally borne out in the research. Naked penis photos are a lot of times a cry for attention and/or fishing for compliments. Women do the same thing. Interestingly, suggestive photos (cleavage shots, shirtless and, etc .) certainly attracts the attention, but not the kind that leads to lasting contact. Interesting, right?!

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