Sex Regrets: The Difference between Men and Women

Surprised sex couple lying in bedMen and women have very different regrets when it comes to casual sex in college. Women wish they hadn’t done it, men wish they had.

According to the findings:
  • The three most common regrets for women, in descending order, were: losing their virginity to the wrong partner (24 percent), cheating on a present or past partner (23 percent) and moving too fast sexually (20 percent). Other studies have found women tend to particularly regret one night stands, but not oral sex.
  • For men, the top three regrets were, in descending order: being too shy to make a move on a prospective sexual partner (27 percent), not being more sexually adventurous when young (23 percent) and not being more sexually adventurous during their single days (19 percent).
  • More women (17 percent) than men (10 percent) included “having sex with a physically unattractive partner” as a top regret.

regretThe study’s scientists believe evolution may be the cause in the difference between men and women’s regret though they aren’t ruling out social norms – especially the “sexual double standard”.

The average age for first intercourse for men is 17 years old, and for women, 16 years old. Just over half the women (54%) say they wish they’d waited longer to lose their virginity.

regret 3


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