Sneaky Gay Bugs

insect-sex-1024x718Insects engage in gay sex. This should not come as a shock for anyone familiar with some of the more insane types of bug sex (who isn’t?). The reasons for the homosexual sex stumps scientists though the prevailing reason for it appears to be confusion. Who has time to make sure you’re mating with the opposite sex?

“Insects and spiders mate quick and dirty,” said Dr. Inon Scharf of the Tel Aviv University’s Department of Zoology. “The cost of taking the time to identify the gender of mates or the cost of hesitation appears to be greater than the cost of making some mistakes.”

Some insects will mate with anything remotely resembling a female, such as beetles who try to mate with large, alluring glass bottles.

Don't try this at home.

Don’t try this at home.

However, sometimes the homosexual sex is more malicious. Some males will pretend to be females and allow other males to mate with them, in order to hide the presence of a real female who they already have dibs on. Male butterflies, wasps and moths have been known to use this technique. And still other males will mate with another male, so the bottom male takes the top’s sperm to a hetero mating and passes along the other male’s sperm.

Homosexuality is quite common in the animal kingdom, where homosexual sex is often used to resolve conflict.


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