Small balls equal better dads?

man waist high testosteroneLooking for the perfect man to be the father of your children? Hold out for one with small balls. Yep. Men with small testicles tend to be better fathers.

Here comes the science.

Bigger balls equal more sperm. Scientists think that men’s bodies either invest energy in the mating effort (lots of sperm, big balls), or in the child rearing (less sperm, more involved parenting).

Men with lots of testosterone tend to be more likely to get married than guys with lower testosterone. However, this big balled guys tend to have a more hands-off parenting style and the reward centers of their brain don’t light up when seeing pictures of their kids like those of men with lower testosterone and higher parental involvement. Dads are more involved with their kids than ever, which could explain why much younger generations of men have lower testosterone than previous generations.December24_2013_MuscleMan_47211221_HighTestosteroneImmune1291521631

Regardless of the size of a man’s ball’s before marriage, his testosterone will likely drop after the birth of his children. Children cause a 34 percent drop in men’s testosterone – a necessarily physiological adaptation from a sexually charged, aggressive male to a nurturing father. The drop, highest in fathers of newborns, is also useful for keeping men from straying. Maybe that’s why babies smell so good? They’re changing our hormones. Or in the case of men, shrinking their balls.

You’re welcome.

men and kid






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