Bigger isn’t Always Better: Penis Size and Lady’s Choice

crotch-shotHumans have disproportionately large penises compared to other primates. They are both longer and thicker. New research indicates ladies may be behind this phenomena by having sexually selected men with large penises. 

Penis size and height are equally important to women, but only up to a point, according to research in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Once they pass the slightly above average penis size and height, they become less and less attractive. And neither factors are as important to women as having a masculine body type (broad shoulders, trim waist).

I’m just pumped that sexual selection phased out the spines on other animal’s penises that were used to remove competitor’s sperm. Interestingly enough – the DNA for the penile spines on humans disappeared around the same time our brains got bigger. You can thank women everywhere for humanity’s bigger brains. You’re welcome. It was a win-win. (laughing)

And because I know you want to know – the women in that first study tended to select the male avatar with the average flaccid penis size, about 9 centimeters. For an interactive map of penis sizes around the world, check this out.


Three male body types used in the study – the middle one being a male of average height, weight, and penis size.


5 thoughts on “Bigger isn’t Always Better: Penis Size and Lady’s Choice

  1. Spines on penises may have evolved out, but I understand humans are the only species with the scoop-like bulb under the head of out penises, which is apparently pulls competitors’ ejaculate out of a woman.

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