Thanksgiving: Give Thanks and Break Up

ImageHolidays are a time for celebration, reconnecting with family, and if you’re a freshman  in college – breaking up with your high school sweetheart. The phenomenon of breaking up at Thanksgiving is so common it’s been named – the annual Turkey Drop.

Freshman by this point have gotten over their initial homesickness and are now starting to feel held back by their sweetheart back home. They want to be able to go out and make out, be crazy, and have those experiences that you can get away with because “you were young and in college”.

The other peak college break up time is Spring Break. *Shock Face*

In a completely opposite trendhigh schoolers are now bringing their significant others to the family Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t expect to see them after next year’s Turkey Drop though. For those high school couples debating the pros and cons of staying together, here’s a handy list of questions to ask yourself. Protip: Break up now and avoid spending the first couple months of college spending your weekend evenings on Skype and invariably, pulling a Turkey Drop.


“Um, can we hurry and get this over with? The mashed potatoes are getting cold…”


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