Racial Differences in Ideal Body Shape


Marilyn Monroe set the standard for the perfect figure 8 female body.

Black and Hispanic men prefer curvier women – or at least care much less about some extra love handles. Asian and white guys go for thinner female body types, according to two studies where men indicated the thinnest and fattest female silhouettes they’d consider dating.

In another study of 63 African American and 116 Euro-American men, white guys preferred thinner female figures than the black men. Both ethnic groups chose female figures with low waist-to-hip ratio (the classic figure eight body shape), but black men were more likely to choose a very low ratio (thicker around the middle) as ideal, signifying they like a girl with some meat.

White men not only preferred thinner women, they felt they would more likely be ridiculed than did black men for dating a woman larger than the ideal.

kim-kardashian-prima-della-gravidanzaAs for women, black women tend to choose a bulkier ideal body shape for both men and women than that selected by white women. The women from both races did not seem to show any difference in ideal skin color – they both preferred dressed, underweight, African American models.

Interestingly, most of the available research measures men and women’s preferred female shape. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of research on either sex’s ideal male shape. Hmmm.Image


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