Worldwide Sex Ratios: Imbalances between Men and Women

ImageWe all know China has way more men than women (about 30 million more entering the dating market by 2020). While the imbalance in China and elsewhere is driven by selective abortion, there are naturally about 105 boys born for every 100 girls. It may be evolution’s way of evening the playing field, as infant boys are more likely to suffer health complications and adult men take more risks, have more health problems, and kill each other much more often than women.

But now that humans are meddling, the imbalances are creating problems. The surplus of men in China, unlikely to ever get married and have kids, are known as “bare branches“. They present a major security threat, as a surplus of men usually equals more violence and risk taking as they fight for dominance and therefore the ability to attract women. Image

Where else do we see a surplus of men? The Middle East in general seems to have highly unbalanced ratios. Qatar has a gender ratio of 311 men to women (1.3 million men, 427,000 women). Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain have similarly unbalanced ratios favoring more men. Interesting. The Middle East is a mess of near constant violence, with countries such as Saudi Arabia encouraging their angry, young surpluses of men to go commit jihad elsewhere. Trouble is, those angry young men come back home eventually, now with terror group ties and fighting experience. The fact that we see a huge surplus in such unstable countries could mean continued problems.

On the flip side, Eastern Europe seems to have more women than men. Russia has 76 million women to 66 million men, similar imbalances exist in Ukraine, Estonia and Belarus. It’s interesting that the surplus of women was in Russia. Who hasn’t heard of mail order Russian brides? I guess that’s one way to resolve the imbalance. In the meantime, note to self, don’t try to compete against any gorgeous Russian chicks anytime soon for their very limited men!male order bride

But back to China. Despite the huge gender imbalance, Chinese women still apparently struggle to find a boyfriend. Any women over the age of 27 are considered “leftover women” (*ouch*). So they’ve turned to rental boyfriends – a new, booming business in China, where women can get fake boyfriends in time for the Chinese New Year or Single’s Day in order to get nagging parents off their back. And as for men? Prostitutes. There are always prostitutes. Image


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