Superstitions about Dating from Around the World

4-leaf-cloverWant to get married? Don’t sit at the corner of the table in Russia – you’ll be single for seven years. Better make eye contact during a toast in France or you’re doomed to seven years of bad sex. Leave any food on your plate after a meal in Romanian culture and you’ll marry someone ugly.

So where’s the science? Turns out research has verified that rituals that deflect bad luck (such as knocking on wood or tossing salt over the shoulder) really do make people feel better. The rituals give people a sense of control over their fate. Dating and love are hugely unpredictable and uncontrollable, so people especially seek to impose any control they can.

The most traditionally superstitious people tend to be actors, athletes, gamblers, sailors, soldiers, miners, financial investors, and, college students. More interesting info on how superstition works here. And in case you wanted to put those superstitions to work in your love life, more tips from around the world.



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