The Green-Eyed Monster: Sex Differences in Jealousy

jealousy-1Men and women have some pretty stark differences when it comes to experiencing jealousy. Women tend to think men are more desirable if they’re surrounded by other women. However, men rate a woman as less desirable when surrounded by men than if they were alone or with other women. 

Women and men tend to fear different kinds of infidelity. Women are more distressed by a partner’s emotional infidelity, and men are more distressed by a partner’s physical infidelity, according to a wide body of research.

mean girls 2

Mean, beautiful girls: Striking terror into other women since the beginning of time.

Men are more inclined to feel jealousy when their rival is more physically dominant. Women feel more jealousy when their rival is more physically attractive and is more popular. No wonder mean girls are so threatening….

Both sexes say emotional infidelity is worse than sexual infidelity when comparing the two, but when ranking separately, both sexes indicate sexual infidelity is worse.

Once a cheater, always a cheater – now proven by science. Infidelity is negatively corellated with relationship happiness. Compared to faithful partners, individuals who had been unfaithful had more psychological distress. Those high levels of psychological distress typically lead to more cheating down the road. funny_jealousy-facebook-statuses

Think that jealousy in a partner means they’re more emotionally attached? Think again. Chronically jealous people are less inclined to want kids, and jealous men decrease the amount of effort they put into parenting their kids.

Feel like vicariously experiencing a little hot blooded jealousy? Check out, “An Ode to Envy”, a TED talk by Parul Sehgal on the oft-resented emotion.


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