Very good Psychology Today article on swinging

Photo illustration by Anna FaltermeierVery interesting look at the demographics of swingers. For example, did you know that most are white and college educated?

Pleazure Seekers

Check out the attached article form Psychology Today.  It reports on one of the very rare studies on swingers that approaches the issue from an objective, analytical basis.  A few of the findings I found interesting:

– first and foremost, swingers are pretty much like anyone else, replacing the myth that swingers are sex crazed deviants who self destruct their own relationships

– they tend to be more open and communicate better (this is no surprise as open communications is likely necessary to open the doors to that lifestyle)

– they have pretty high rates of bisexuality – about 20 percent of men report being bisexual and a significant majority of women are either bi-sexual or bi-curious

– the great majority were in enduring relationships (10 years plus)

– in terms of politics, they are highly heterogeneous, form sisal conservatives to liberals

– a vast majority entered seining not to…

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