Science: Yes, Men are Looking at Your Boobs

lgpp303872bbreasts-helping-men-avoid-eye-contact-since-1865-retro-spoofs-poster4Science confirmed what everyone already knew: men look at women’s bodies more than their faces. And so do other women. A new study tracked the eye movements of people as they looked at digitally altered photos of women. Both men and women focused on the women’s chests and waists. They looked longest at women with bigger breasts, narrower waists and bigger hips.

Even if participants were asked to focus on the female’s personality rather than her appearance, men perceived women with hourglass figures more positively than those with fewer curves.

The researchers theorize that men may be drawn to more shapely women for childbearing, while women may be checking out their competition.


Eye-tracking technology was used to see where the gazes of males and females stayed when they were shown pictures of women with different body types.


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