Why We Find Muscles Attractive

Rafael Halpern bodybuilder

Rafael Halpern – Israeli bodybuilder and rabbi

Women like a guy who is moderately muscular, lean and a little hairy with a low, rumbly voice (especially when they’re ovulating). Men believe being muscular will help them socially and physically be more successful. When did muscles become so closely linked with attractiveness and success?

The depiction of the male form in art is an excellent way to track how societies over time viewed the ideal male body. A new exhibition in Paris shows historical and modern art of nude males. And an article in The Atlantic, “Hunks: How Ripped Became An Ideal”, shows pictures of relatively recent (19th century) depictions of the men society then viewed as “the perfect male form”.

Feral Benga Dancer and Model

Feral Benga – Dancer and Model


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