Attractive People Have More Sex but Provoke More Jealousy

Attractive people tend to have sex earlier in life, have more sexual partners, have more extra-pair copulations (creative sex?), and more intercourse with people involved in other relationships, according to a 2003 study in New York.

ImageBut, they also provoke more jealousy in men and women. Both sexes view slender rivals as more socially dominant and attractive, and more physically dominant in the case of men. Rivals of both sexes were seen as more physically and socially dominant when they had big, muscular shoulders and a narrow waist.

When evaluating rivals, women check out their waist, hips, and legs. Men check out their rival’s shoulders, chest and belly.

But don’t worry, jealousy can be good for you as it will push you to be better. Maybe. Or just replace your rival’s protein bars with fattening bars, a la Mean Girls style.


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