The Power of Makeup

I love makeup. It’s transformative power is amazing. There’s a bunch of science I’ll post later, but for now, behold the amaze-ball-ness of literally, painting faces.

The girl who can look like anyone. Men, women, celebrities, movie stars. ‘Ain’t no thing when you can wield an eyeliner like this woman.


This is her.


This is her as Scarlett Johansson.

Vadim Andreev, a beauty expert from Russia, has chronicled his makeovers of women and men with before and after photos on his website. True, he tends to use a heavy hand with the makeup brush/shovel, but…..TAKE MY MONEY VADIM!Image


And then there are always the porn star makeovers by Melissa Murphy, who also posts her before and after work on her instagram account.


I think these before and after pictures are mainly for women. We’re the ones who are relieved that models, celebrities and porn stars look “just like us!”.


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