The Cougar Myth

mrs robinson

The original cougar – Mrs. Robinson from The Graduate

Are cougars a myth?

Social trends changing. It is more acceptable for independent, successful women to date who they want, including younger men. Older women also more willing to cross race, religious and other boundaries when seeking potential partners. The cougar takes that trend to the extreme, by allegedly deliberately dating men far younger than herself (like a man).

The original cougar - Mrs. Robinson, from The Graduate.

The modern cougar – Demi Moore with her then-husband, Ashton Kutcher

Popular culture has defined cougars as older, wealthy, vain women on the prowl for younger men for sex only. Dating sites have been set up to pair cougars and “cubs”. A second term – Puma – was coined to refer to younger cougars – those in their late 20s and 30s – or women who deliberately date divorcees.

But new research suggests that, at least in the world of online dating, cougars don’t really exist.  Instead, researchers found that women consistently showed a preference for at least same-age or significantly older men. So move over, cougar stereotype, and bring on the older men!


Him. We want him. The entire female race can collectively agree that we would each like our own George Clooney, thankyouverymuchbye.

Bonus: A slideshow of Madonna with her younger boyfriends. Go girl!


2 thoughts on “The Cougar Myth

  1. Speak for yourself. I find men most attractive at about age 31 (Ryan Gosling, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jesse Williams’ age or thereabouts).

    George Clooney is gross. Men are not attractive when they’re old. And studies consistently show that women prefer men around the same age, they actively avoid men over 8 years older.

    • More for me! 😉 There definitely is wide variance in people’s preferences, thank heavens. Otherwise we’d all be clawing each other over Ryan Gosling or (heaven forbid) Justin Bieber. It is interesting though how the media or pop culture in general has created the concept of the female cougar, when in reality, science and population statistics just don’t bear it out.

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