Longer Life Expectancy and What It Means for Dating


The mythical fountain of youth…where apparently hot, semi-naked women just hung out.

Humans have sought immortality for ages (Fountain of Youth, anyone?). The fight against aging continues today as we try to stay feeling and looking younger longer. Scientific advances and increases in living standards are adding to average life expectancy. According to Forbes, researchers claim that babies born this year should live up to 120 years. Already, the Global Age Watch Index expects that by 2050, for the first time in history, there will be more adults over 60 than children under 15.Image

All this means more old people. More old people dating. Dating after age 50 is booming as more and more Americans reach midlife in an “unmarried state”. And more and more research studies are looking at sexuality as we age. Turns out, people can be sexually interested and capable much longer than we thought.

There are plenty of sites with unintentionally hilarious dating advice (i.e. don’t talk about aches and pains in your online dating profile – keep it “light and engaging”).


Obviously, Kim Cattrall dates who she wants to date. Younger men? Yes please!

Women dating in their older years have a bunch of unexpected boons. It appears that older women (women over 50) tend to be happier than their younger counterparts as they’ve developed a satisfying self-identity. They’re so much happier and comfortable in fact that they’re going after the younger men. An AARP survey found that 35 percent of the women they surveyed preferred to date younger men. Sociologists say women over 40 are redefining the concept of a suitable mate – and say younger men are now on the menu. Other studies have found that older women are happier with their sex lives (or lack thereof) than younger women.

Also good news for older women – older men tend to be less focused on looks than their younger counterparts. Niiiiiiiiiiiiice.


Old people rock.

If it wasn’t for the fact that older women still outnumber older men by 3 to 2 , though that age gap is quickly decreasing. Hopefully by the time I get older, men will finally be living as long as women. Crossing my fingers…


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