Sexual Violence and Teens

National surveys have estimated that one in three youths experiences dating abuse at some point during their teens.teens

A new study flipped the focus to perpetrators, and found that nearly one in ten teens has been a perpetrator of sexual violence. Of the 1,058 teenagers (14-21 years old) who participated in the online study, 8 percent reported that they had kissed, touched, or “made someone else do something sexual” when they “knew the person did not want to.” Three percent of teens verbally coerced a victim into sex; 3 percent attempted to physically force them into sex; 2 percent perpetrated a completed rape.

Of note, the study found a correlation between violent porn and sexual violence. Teens who watched violent porn were more likely to commit sexual violence.

teens 2Who are the victims? Another study from the Journal of Adolescent Health found that teens in rural school districts were more likely to be victims of dating violence than their suburban and urban counterparts. Males reported being slapped, hit, or kicked more frequently than females. The findings of this study indicate that students in rural school districts are at greater risk for participating in dating violence than suburban and urban students, with rural female students at greatest risk.

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