Perfect Premise for Horror Movie – Jellyfish-eating Robots

The Koreans just announced they have created an unmanned automated system that exterminates jellyfish. A fleet of floating robots finds jellyfish, then suck them up and grind them into jelly in the propellers.

I’d love to see this turned into a horror movie, perhaps where the jellyfish bits drift into one of the oceanic dead zones where chemicals have killed all living things, reanimate and grow, like gelatinous little hydras, and turn to a cruise ship or island for food. The truly (real life) scary part is that these jelly fish killing robots is that we need them in the first place. Acidification of the ocean from human pollutants and rising temperatures from climate change are slowly killing everything in the ocean, including jellyfish predators like sea turtles. Jellyfish are one of the few organisms that can flourish with these changes and so are multiplying at extraordinary rates.

The Japanese had a problem awhile back with huge swarms of jellyfish clogging up the intake valves of nuclear reactor coolers. The jellyfish are also killing disproportionate amounts of sea life, reducing already vulnerable stocks of fish. Talk about a horror show.


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