Eye contact is persuasive…unless you’re creepy


Remember the movie Baby Mama, where Steve Martin’s character rewards his employees with five minutes of uninterrupted eye contact? According to science, that office would have in reality felt less new age-y and more like a drill sergeant stare downResearchers in British Columbia found that eye contact with a person saying something you disagreed with made participants feel uncomfortable and intimidated. However, if the person was saying something you already agreed with, participants found eye contact to be positive.

What does that mean for dating?

Eye contact and a smile can be used for both “come hither” and “I want to eat your soul”. It’s totally up to the object of your desire in how they interpret that eye contact. If they find you attractive, that come hither eye contact just might bring them hither. If they find you unattractive, your flirtatiously-intended eye contact becomes the look of a person in the bushes outside your bedroom window at 3 a.m. No bueno. So if they suddenly throw up the sign of the cross, move along, move along.

P.S. Google image searching “eye contact” brings up a ton of pictures of boobs. Lesson learned.



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