The Slow Fade Breakup (aka THE WORST)


Most women who have dated around a bit have probably experienced at least one “slow fade” – a boyfriend who melts away rather than simply breaking off the relationship. My first real slow fade was a police officer cadet who I met through eHarmony (The best website to meet a slow fader, FYI). The relationship escalated quickly and then….he disappeared. For four days I thought he was dead in a ditch. He finally answered one of my frantic phone calls and after a short, awkward conversation wherein I asked if it was over, ended the relationship.

Why do men DO that?!

Some interesting points to consider:

Still no answer as to why men more than women choose the slow fade breakup method, but at least Buzzfeed has a post on The 14 states of Accepting a Slow Fade Breakup.


One thought on “The Slow Fade Breakup (aka THE WORST)

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