Women to the (Economic) Rescue


Farming needs women. Wall Street needs women. The economy needs women.

We all know that men and women have different traits. Instead of being seen as a liability, women’s traits are seeing increasingly as necessary to balance some of the excesses created when men overwhelmingly dominate a particular field. We first saw it following the financial crisis, when Wall Street recognized that high finances and testosterone don’t mix. Women are less likely to make impulsive moves in the stock market and stick to their long term plan – actions that tend to be more successful in working the stock market over time.

Now farming needs more women. Factory farming has led to animals being treated as objects, with disastrous consequences for the environment. Female farmers are more likely to see animals as individuals and to treat their livestock more humanely, which means smaller farmers, fewer chemicals, better feed and better living situations. This is better for the animals, the environment, and the health of the end consumer. The market is responding as more and more people buy organic, free range, and hormone-free foods. And so more and more women are getting into farming. As we see more women get into farming, we’re likely to see happier farms – and that means more money for farmers. Yay ladies!



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