Dating Power Shifting to Men

Women used to be in control of relationships. They carefully doled out the promise of sex in return for a faithful husband who financially provided for them and their children, til death do us part. But now in the western world, single, straight and college-educated women far outnumber single, straight, college-educated men. We’re screwed. Image has the most terrifying article I’ve ever read, as it puts the skewed gender ratios into perspective by using economics:

Here is one way to look at the dilemma produced by today’s sex ratio.  Most people agree that men “should” get married and be faithful to their wives thereafter.  However, if all American men did this, there would be about 8 million straight women in the U.S. that would never have a date again and would never have sex again.

During the Crusades, which was the last time that western civilization had to cope with a sex ratio like the one we have today, the surplus women went to (or were sent to) convents.  For better or worse, American women have not been able to agree among themselves which 8 million of them should be consigned to permanent celibacy.

A sex ratio of 95 means that, on the margin, an unmarried American woman will either have the attention of an attached man or no man at all.  This fact maintains constant pressure on existing relationships.”

The article goes on to explain that as a result of the gender imbalance, open relationships and sharing men through divorce and remarriage are quickly becoming the norms. This also explains why women feel increasing pressure to sleep with a guy on the first date to get him to even call back, and possibly even on why the average marriage age is rapidly sliding up.

Society has yet to catch up though with dating realities. Our parents still tell us to find and marry a nice young man who has our same socioeconomic background. At this point, I’d settle for a guy with most of his teeth and a high school diploma! Ack!

Maybe I’ll go to North Dakota. It seems to be the last place in the western world with a reverse ratio where there are way more men than women. Though as the saying in Alaska goes, quantity doesn’t equal quality….



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