Share your sex stories with Kinsey!

kinseyShare your sex stories with Kinsey!

Want to kiss and tell in the name of science? The Kinsey Institute for the Study of Sexuality (I think they dropped off the last bit in their official name, but I tell it like it is) has introduced a new smartphone app where users can upload information about sexual exploits – theirs or those observed. Unfortunately for all of us, the app only allows you to select preset tags instead of allowing a detailed post. So someone’s epic Friday night becomes a series of random tags such as “little people, leg fetish, older woman, young men, etc, etc.”. Consider it fantastic fuel for a creative writing class.

But anyway, the app and the open source-like call for input sounds cool. Even cooler, the website shows people’s posts superimposed over the country of origin. From watching for only a few minutes, it’s clear that the Europeans have some very unusual fetishes….


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