Bikini vs. Burka

Bikini vs. Burka



2 thoughts on “Bikini vs. Burka

  1. This cartoon has something for everybody. If you’re super into the virtues of modesty, you’ll think “that lady in a burqa really has a point.” If you’re gung-ho about women’s lib you’ll think “that lady in the bikini has nothing to be ashamed of.” But the reality (and maybe the actual point) is that they’re the same. The bikini woman is dressed to attract male attention while the burqa lady is dressing only to avert male arousal. How each lady feels about her own clothing is not considered, even by herself. I’m holding out for that glorious day when the clothes can be comfortable for the sake of comfort, functional for the sake of function, and heck, attractive because we prefer attractive clothing.

    • Clarissa – such a good point. Thank you for sharing!! It’s interesting too that in both cases the woman feels like how she dresses is the determinant in how attractive she appears to men in her culture. Wouldn’t it be great if we could dress for comfort and our own sense of beauty, but be evaluated by others based on our intelligence, personality, and virtues? 🙂

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