Worst Cities to Find a *Quality* Date (a.k.a. Guess Where I Live)


Yeah, my diploma keeps me warm on cold winter nights too.

It’s no secret that more women than men are now earning bachelors degrees. Men today are more likely to marry a woman at least as educated as himself, while more women than not are marrying “down the educational ladder”.

Where is that disparity the highest? And the lowest? The Atalantic Magazine helpfully analyzed the last census to let college-educated women know where their chances were best for finding an educated date.

Turns out, I’m on the wrong side of the country.

Utah is the best place in the country for close to equal numbers of men and women getting their degrees. Too bad you’re too late – they are all happily temple married with 2.5 kids. Go Mormons for keeping your men up to standard!

As for the rest of us, Seattle seems to be the next best place to score an educated date. There are 7 educated men for every 8 educated women. Hope you like the rain. And coffee. No word though if those educated men out there are all computer geeks. No offense computer geeks – nothing but love for our highly educated, highly paid geeks. Y’all will get the last laugh when I’m the one handing you your Starbucks Latte.


Warning: College degree is no guarantee of quality.

Overall, our best bet for scoring educated dates are college towns, tech centers and the Midwest. The worst cities for women? Pretty much anywhere in Florida. And for those of my sisters out here in the Washington D.C./Northern Virginia area – we are screwed. And not literally. College-educated women under 35 outnumber the same demographic of men by 25%.


Here’s the most ironic fact of all. My hometown – Ogden, Utah – which I fled as soon as possible at age 18 – is the best place IN THE NATION for finding a college-educated man. Somewhere, God is laughing.

And if you want to get extra awesome nerdy, check out the National Bureau of Economic Research’s (betcha there are some single hotties THERE) article on the reasons women now outnumber men in college.  


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