Pesticides Making Men Feminine?


Transvestites and Shemales – too many pesticides?

Here’s something fun – male testosterone levels are dropping with each successive generation. The last two decades have seen an especially sharp decline. The study’s authors said the exact cause or combination of causes is unknown. It could range from too-tight underwear and cushy temperature-controlled buildings to obesity and lack of physical activity. But they’re at a loss as lifestyle factors don’t seem sufficient to explain the decline.


Studies have found male frogs turn female if exposed to certain water-borne pesticides and other chemicals also found in our drinking water.

Meanwhile, other studies are finding that pesticides in the water supply and plastics leaching feminizing chemicals have both been found to have a feminizing effect on males (the former changing male frogs into females).

Bottom Line: Your gramps is waltzing around with more bear wrestling testosterone than today’s waxed and hair-gelled metrosexuals. Thanks, pill-popping, plastic-addicted world. You’re ruining my dating life.

We have only ourselves to blame. Turns out all the chemicals we’re taking to cope are ending up in lakes and rivers (and our water supply). At levels HALF that allowed by FDA standards for drinking water, the chemicals are turning male frogs into females. (Study at

That makes me want to reach for the bottled water. But turns out, you’d just be dosing yourself with more feminizing chemicals. Phthalates (in plastic) have been found to affect male embryos in the womb, which can lead to genital abnormalities and a decreased “male” behavior – roughhousing, etc. (Study at:


A Japanese meat eater girl and grass eater boy. Yeah, it took me a minute to figure out which was which too.

American women aren’t the only ones wondering what happened to the men. The issue seems to be worldwide. In Japan, the term “grass eating males and meat eating females” has been coined to describe the rise of wimpy men content to engage in domestic hobbies and avoid dating, while the women are out there taking names and crashing through the glass ceiling. A hilarious blog of an American in Japan gives great insight into the issue –

Does this mean the only real men left are those who are in remote areas that have yet to be exposed to plastic and contaminated drinking water? Isn’t there a tribe in Africa that has yet to see the outside world? I’m booking my ticket now….


‘Sup men, I’m coming for you. We’ll talk about the penis gourds later…..


2 thoughts on “Pesticides Making Men Feminine?

    • RIGHT?! It’s amazing how much research is out there looking at pesticides, industrial pollution and even prescription drugs from human waste negatively impact flora and fauna in the water. Frogs, fish and insects have all shown to develop female attributes. I wonder……

      And agreed, I like a man who looks and looks like a man!!!!

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