The Threatening Scent of Fertility


Safe to assume she’s ovulating.

Science is increasingly finding that human behavior is strongly affected by hormones and pheromones. It turns out that humans may not be as far removed from other animals as we thought.

Animals tend to broadcast their mating availability and sexual fertility. From the American Psychological Association:

The male frigate bird puffs out his throat into a gigantic red balloon. Female cats yowl and spray urine during estrus, their time of ovulation and sexual receptivity. And in female chimps, estrus swellings of the external sex organs can get as large as a cantaloupe — not something a male could easily miss.

love potion 9

I’m still waiting for a real Love Potion #9 to be invented. Then it is ON.

Ovulating women are unconsciously prompted through hormonal surges (that make them horny) to advertise their fertility.

Although women aren’t showing off swellings, yowling or spraying, studies suggest they may dress more provocatively, flirt more, and possibly become more sexually excitable, for roughly six days mid-cycle, before and after ovulation. They even show minuscule shifts in voice pitch, scent and skin tone, some studies suggest.

Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck is always a good idea. ALWAYS.

During that time, they are more interested in men with highly masculine features – broad shoulders, strong chin, hairy. If their partner fits that description – sexy time! If the partner was chosen for sensibility and stability instead of sexiness, women may act more aloof and their eyes may wander. Women want manly men when it’s time to fertilize eggs.

Men are more subconsciously aware of these hormonal changes than humans may realize. Men’s hormones and behavior shift in response to those of women. In one study, men inched closer to a woman and mimicked her gestures more when she was ovulating.

Men rate ovulating (pheromone drenched) women as more attractive. However, faithful men in committed relationships are more likely to rate ovulating women as less attractive. Scientists think it’s because they’re trying to distance themselves from the temptation.

Ovulating woman

She’s interested, he’s pretending not to notice. How long can he really hold out though?


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