Male Role Model Today: The Lout

Media portrayls of men have evolved and today we have the beloved “lout”: the guy who hangs out with his buddies, shirks education and gainful employment, and basically refuses to grow up. Just off the top of my head, Nick from “New Girl”, Andy from “Parks and Recreation”, and Jimmy from “Raising Hope”. Hilarious and sweet on TV, they are sucks in real life who, at least in my experience, want more of a mother figure in a girlfriend than an equal partner. I had a guy who was passively pursuing me proudly tell a group of us that he’s never been on a “real” date – as in, taking a girl out and paying for her.  REALLY?!


A recent LA Times article lays out the issue really well. (

Here’s the part that sticks out:

The old strong, silent type, essentially a breadwinner and breeding stud, gradually gave way to the sensitive male, the engaged male, the homebody male who shared child-rearing and household duties with his wife. 

Of course, some men found this emasculating and actively resisted the process. Some tried to laugh it off. But culturally speaking, there may have been a less overt resentment that has been simmering for a long time and that may account for the recent eruption of the lout. He seems to be a form of passive-aggressive revenge against what some men see as the indignities feminism has forced upon them — indignities that have been exacerbated by economic hardship.

The lout is not exactly a reversion to the old macho stereotype…A lout is someone who is proudly stuck in a kind of adolescent parody of manhood that conflates insensitivity and machismo.

Louts luxuriate in their lack of sophistication. Louts travel in packs or just hang out with one another. Louts dress in T-shirts and jeans and eschew fashion. Louts guzzle beer rather than sip wine, and they are most likely to be spotted in bars or lounging on living room couches watching football. Louts don’t talk feelings; they talk sports and beer. Louts have few needs and no shackles. Above all, louts may ogle women and snicker about them, but women are pointedly never their top priority. At most, women are objects, just like in the old days. That’s the revenge part. Louts don’t have to make any concessions to women. Louts barely need women. Just give a lout a Bud and his buds and he’s happy.

Face palm slap.


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