Hot or Not….is Hot?


Unique-looking women get the most attention from men. Red heads, your day has come!

So apparently the Harvard geniuses who created the dating website “OkCupid” found that women with wildly differing rankings of their hotness got the most attention from men. What?! OkCupid thinks it may be because men think their chances improve of success if the woman doesn’t seem that popular with other men.

Hmm. I doubt that. My high-school experience (of sitting in the corner of the lunchroom, longingly looking on at the popular table) suggests that the more popular a girl is, the more attention she gets from men. I would wager that the unattractive/attractive ladies are getting attention because they have a unique look that differs from the average Jane or surgically-enhanced Southern California housewife. Perhaps these unattractive/attractive ladies are naturally beautiful with unique traits that set them apart from the herd – a larger-than-normal nose, cleft chin, freckles, etc.


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